Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Halloween: 2007 and 2008

I thought I would do a comparison of me last year vs. this year on Halloween. My how I have grown!

This is me on Halloween last year, 2007. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

I'm pretty darn cute, right?!
This year I decided to dress up like a Ladybug... although, I didn't always love wearing the headband or wings.

Me and Ashleigh (my nanny and one of my best friends).

I'm all ready to go "trick or treating!"

Snow day!

Hurray! My first snow day this winter. Ashleigh and I built a snowman. We used my summer hat for his head, a hot dog for his mouth, a carrot for his nose and broccoli for the eyes. Oh, and sticks for his arms and hands.

I'm all set Ashleigh!

My new green sweater.

Here I am with my friend, Ernie, posing for my nanny, Ashleigh, in my new green sweater. It was starting to get cold outside. Mommy and Ashleigh think I look like I'm a college student.

My animals and me.

Here I am with all of my animal friends: Morris, Bunny, Elmo, Kitty, Eli, Bula, Ribbit, Branford and Ernie.